Brunch with No. 22 Home x Stories To Gather

Last week, No. 22 Home collaborated with Stories to Gather to host a lavish brunch at Casa Di Stories to Gather. Alexandra Pappas, our Founder, gathered 20 influential founders and businesswomen from beloved Australian brands like Monday Haircare, Wrapd, Luna Bronze, TJ Swim, Peppermint Grove, and more. 
Set within Stories to Gather’s new marquee event space, Casa Di Stories to Gather, Lia Townsend, the visionary behind STG, curated an opulent French-themed brunch spread showcased on No. 22 Home's iconic Paris Collection.
True to our event tradition, our guests were asked thought-provoking questions about their brands and business journeys sparking dynamic conversations and fostering the exchange of wisdom, ideas, and valuable business insights around the table.
Our guests departed with new connections and a renewed sense of inspiration to navigate the next steps in their business evolution. Special thanks go to Jessy and the dedicated team from Hive HQ, whose invaluable assistance made this event possible.
Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events scheduled for 2024, as we continue to create memorable experiences and opportunities for meaningful connection shared across a dinner table.
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