Nights With No. 22 Home Event x Alpha Restaurant

Last week marked another successful event hosted by our founder, Alexandra Pappas, for our much-anticipated second edition of 'Nights with No. 22 Home.' This event was attended by a vibrant collective of 20 visionary founders and creative thought leaders.

We were thrilled to partner with the renowned Alpha Restaurant in Sydney, where a delicious array of delectable Greek cuisine was savoured, all against the backdrop of our beloved Mykonos Collection.

The evening unfolded with an atmosphere of solidarity and inspiration, as our esteemed guests delved into the narratives of their entrepreneurial journeys. Provocative questions prompted them to open up, forging connections by sharing recent triumphs and challenges.

The collective energy was nothing short of motivational, leaving everyone with a profound desire for more meaningful connections and a renewed determination to weave the wisdom gleaned from the evening into their own business pursuits.

Our guest list featured the brains and creative minds behind some of Australia’s favourite brands, including  Body by Berner, The Parlour Room, Biotyspa, Slow House, tbh Skincare, Chouchou Intimates, and Stories to Gather. Their presence added depth and insight to the evening, enriching the experience for all.

We're excited to announce that this is just the beginning!

Stay tuned for future instalments of 'Nights With No. 22 Home', where we'll continue to unveil the remarkable stories that underpin some of your favourite Australian brands. This journey of inspiration and connection is far from over.

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