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Paris Bicycle Plates

Paris Bicycle Plates

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Set of four.

Designed by The Blackline Bottega. 

Introducing our Paris Bicycle Plates, the perfect addition to your dinnerware collection for those who love the romance and beauty of the City of Lights. These plates feature an exquisite illustration of a vintage bicycle with a navy and red border on the plate, capturing the charm and whimsy of the city's iconic streets.

Crafted from high-quality porcelain, each plate is durable and made to last, ensuring they can be used daily without losing their beautiful and unique design. The elegant size and shape of these plates make them perfect for serving any type of meal, from a cozy breakfast to a fancy dinner party.

The timeless design of the Paris Bicycle Plates adds a touch of class to any table setting, with the beautiful contrast of the classic black and white colour scheme. These plates are perfect for any occasion, from a casual dinner with friends to a sophisticated evening soiree.

These plates make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any lover of Paris or cycling enthusiast. They can also serve as beautiful wall decor when not in use, adding a touch of European elegance to any room.

Incorporate the beauty of Paris into your everyday life with our Paris Bicycle Plates, a timeless and charming addition to your dinnerware collection. Order your set today and experience the romance and elegance of Paris every time you sit down for a meal.




25.5cm diameter

Care Instructions

Although all No. 22 plates are dishwasher safe, we recommend gently hand washing with a soft sponge as these are delicate items!


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